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Restless Leg Syndrome


Restless Legs Syndrome(RLS) is a neurological disorder usually resulting from

discomfort due to sensation which leads to an urge to move one’s legs mostly when

one is resting or is trying to sleep. The displeasing feeling is temporarily eased by

moving. There are concerns surrounding RLS as it might interfere with sleep

causing tiredness and sleepiness during the day.


The causes of Restless Legs Syndrome are not known completely. It may result

from a genetic predisposition or an environmental trigger. More than 40 percent of

people with RLS have some family history of the condition. However, consumption

of alcohol or caffeine may trigger or intensify the symptoms of restless legs

syndrome. RLS may be an offshoot of another health condition but it is not

connected to any underlying conditions. During situations like these, treatment of

the health condition mostly solves the issues of RLS as well.


A few home remedies which may reduce RLS involve yoga, physical exercise on a

frequent basis, taking a warm bath before going to bed, trying to maintain a

consistent sleeping schedule, etc.


While medications cannot treat RLS completely, they help to ease the symptoms of

RLS. Dopaminergic agents such as pramipexole, ropinirole, and sleep aids including clonazepam, temazepam, zaleplon may be used. On the other hand, narcotics and anticonvulsants are also used. However, some of these drugs may have side-effects.

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