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Prenatal Care and Mental Health

A pregnant woman has to face a lot during pregnancy. Every step is counts in those 9 months.


Pregnancy is difficult as well as dangerous. Having a baby is amazing, but if you're not in a good place mentally, it will be a problem for your baby. Researchers say babies are more likely to be light weight due to stress and anxiety in the mother. This is because the baby can feel your stress and anxiety. Eating well and sleeping well is very necessary as well as taking care of your mental health. Stress and anxiety are not easy things for a healthy person to handle and if it is about a pregnant woman then it is the most difficult state.

Why could pregnant women have mental health problems? Not all mothers feel the same way about being pregnant. Some may not want to start their motherhood that early, some may think that they are not responsible enough to handle a baby. Questioning themselves slowly affects their mental state. If could also be that the women were mentally ill before pregnancy.

Due to mental health problems in the mother, the baby can also face problems because the baby's health depends on if the mother is healthy.

If a mother is actually facing a very hard time with her mental health problems, then she should treat herself with exercise, walks, meditation, essence oil to relieve stress. But mainly, she should just believe in herself that she can do this for herself and her baby.

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