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Permissive Parenting


Parents are not strict or demanding; low demand parents => high responsive children; treat children as equals. Parents are more like a friend rather than a parental figure to children, leads to secure attachment. Known as lenient parenting. Parents are very responsive to child’s emotional needs. Opposite of helicopter parenting, where parents micromanage every thing their kid does, very strict parenting.


  • Children lack self-discipline

  • Insecure due to lack of guidance

  • Poor social skills

  • Worse academic skills

  • Impulsive, aggressive

  • self-involved

Child development experts deem this as one of the worst parenting styles

However, doing the complete opposite, which is authoritative parenting, is just as harmful.


  • Not saying no to not upset their child

  • Not setting or enforcing strict boundaries such as bed times

  • Not having consequences for their child

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