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Neglectful Parenting


Neglectful parenting is a style of parenting where parents do not respond to their children's needs such as affection, food, clothes, and education, which in a long period of time became a source of stress and mental health problems for children. This parenting style can lead to impulsive behavior, drug/alcohol abuse, lower self-esteem and even suicidal tendencies.


  • Neglectful parenting style is characterized by some common characteristics which can be seen in children's parents, such as:

  • Parents are focusing on their own needs, problems and desires- this aspect can be observed due to the fact that these have the tendency to think that their needs must be satisfied before the needs of their own children

  • Lack of emotional attachment - the parents feel disconnected with their children and they can't show affection .

  • Lack of involvement in children's activities- parents do not care about school work , extracurricular activities and other things regarding their children's life .

  • Lack of discipline- tendency to accept bad behavior instead of setting rules.

  • Parents do not expect so much from their children

  • Lack of communication between parents and their children


  • Parents are neglecting their children by the fact that they do not offer them food or do not care if the children have eaten something. Also, there is a lack of attention and interest from parents when their children require food .

  • A child needs help with school work , but his parents will not pay attention to this aspect even if the child asks for their help or she or he begins to do poorly at school due to the lack of motivation , and support .

  • Parents tend to work much more than and do not have time with their children

  • Demi Lovato's dad was an abusive parent with her daughter.

  • Angelina Jolie's father has not been in contact with his own child for many years. He didn't pay too much attention to his daughter, he didn't care so much about her development etc.

  • Christina Aguilera lived in a household where she was abused emotionally and physically by her father, before she became a famous singer.

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