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My Mental Health Story - 4

I was 16 when I was first got raped. My friends and I were going to attend this party. I was kind of scared going to this party. I felt uncomfortable, like something bad was going to happen. I decided to ignore it. My friends told me nothing is going to happen and I thought I was going to be okay. This party had around 100 people in one house and I did not know 90% of the people there. I had only gone there because of pressure from my toxic friends. It was supposed to be the most exciting party ever.

I was not a party person, so I just went to a corner of the house and sat there. Everything was very overwhelming, 100 people who were drinking, doing drugs and holding sexual games. I went to a corner of the room and just sat there on my phone. A guy had approached me and asked if he could buy me a drink. I sad no, cause I was only 17, not a legal age to drink. He said then he would get me water. I refused his help and he raped me. Only because I rejected him, and he thought it was okay to do so.

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