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My Mental Health Story - 3

My story is quite interesting, it started in high school. I had gotten into a relationship in high school in 11th grade. I never had a boyfriend before so I was quite attached to him, and I wanted to spend every minute of my time with him. We were planning to spend our life together, we even planned which house we wanted to live in. We wanted to spend every single minute together. I even snuck out the house with him, using my best friend as an excuse. Oh yeah, let me introduce my best friends, they were always so encouraging, and we had the best friendship ever. I could trust them with every secret of mine; they were the best friends ever. They were actually the reason my boyfriend and I met in high school.

Back to my story, I was in 11th grade, so was super busy, but whenever I went out, I was with my boyfriend. We even wanted to go to college together. In the 12th grade when school got easier, I spent all of my lunches with my boyfriend. My best friends always asked me to hang out with them, but I wanted to spend time with with him. I spent time after school with him; I even ditched my best friends for him. I also went to prom with him. I never thought I would do this, I thought I would always would be with my friends. He was really great in high school, a really good person, and he loved me a lot. It sounded like he would die if we were not together.

After a while, I lost touch with my friends, I got into college with my boyfriend. But little did I know that he would start being obsessive. It would scare me, so I wanted to break the relationship. But he wouldn't let me, he stalked me everywhere and wouldn't let me go. One day he kidnapped me and brutally raped me. I was devastated because I lost all my friends and everyone, because I thought he was a good guy. You never know what a guy actually is. I forever lost my good friends for him, and now suffering from depression, anxiety and trust issues. Everyday I want to kill myself, but I'm still living. Never trust someone too deeply that you give up everything for him.

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