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My Mental Health Story - 2

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I genuinely had a very traumatic past. I went to a mental rehab center when I was 11 because I had tried to kill myself many times. When I came back, my mom had passed away due to a sudden heart attack. I was very close to my mom because she was basically my only best friend, and when she passed away it literally killed me.

For a few years, I was raised by my dad and older sister, and I really got close to my Dad. My Dad picked me up from that dark place I had landed in after my mom's death. 3 years later, my dad unexpectedly died in a car crash.

At this time, I was confused and devastated and I did not know how to cope with this. Then, my grandma came to help raise my sister and I. As we went through many of the hard times together, my sister and I had started getting close.

One day, my sister killed herself by an overdose of pills. I had no idea she was depressed and struggling. My sister had been traumatized due to my parents' death and had been staying strong by faking a smile for me.

From then on I've been hanging by a thread. Everyone close to me has died and now it's just me and my grandma. I genuinely hate my past, and feel like I'm screwed up. But I want a future, so I strive to improve my mental health everyday.

I am diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. But I want to live. Everyday I will work harder to help myself and my future.

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